Thank you for your interest in Eugene’s premiere Swing Dance Club; Track Town Swing! A primary goal of ours is to provide educational outreach and facilitate complete access for those who would otherwise not have been able to participate due to financial restrictions. We have created and registered our non-profit with that purpose in mind! Please consider donating to our cause by clicking on the button below. Additional information can be found on this page – please contact us with any additional questions. Thank you again for your support!

Swing Dancing is an upbeat and active hobby that we hope you’ll enjoy for years to come. One of the greatest joys in life is being able to continue learning, growing, and improving upon our favorite past-times. We understand that becoming proficient at such an endeavor can be difficult when you’re undergoing financial hardship. Our Founder, Nick Davis, has been fortunate to receive several wonderful educational opportunities through the generosity of the global swing dance community and has maintained a ‘pay it forward’ attitude throughout.

As a result, we currently provide free classes for qualifying community members and are actively expanding our scholarship program. This sector of our non-profit provides tuition to cover the costs of local classes and events. Pending applicant approval and grant funding – additional tuition for travel and accommodation is also available for national events.

We dream of owning our own ballroom! Until we reach that goal, we will strive to continue serving our community to the best of our ability. We are expanding our available free workshops to middle and high school students, additional scholarship opportunities available to minorities, and lower admission costs to local events pending further grant assistance.

Whether you ‘pay it forward’ with the cost of one class or more – we greatly appreciate the support.Your generosity is bringing the joy of Swing Dance to those who would have thought they couldn’t get here.

Contact us about donating and become a wonderful sponsor by CLICKING HERE!

If you are interested in applying for our tuition program, please contact us by CLICKING HERE!

If you are interested in volunteering at one of our events or assisting the Track Town Swing Dance Club, please contact us by CLICKING HERE!


Community support is crucial to our continued involvement in the growing Swing Dance world. We have THREE major projects currently underway:

  • Lindyfest and Further Education: Our volunteers work incredibly hard. We’d like to help them improve their current dance abilities by sending them to Lindyfest in Houston, Texas (March 15-18, 2017). This event features workshops from 15 internationally known swing dance instructors and endless opportunities for our amazing volunteers to sharpen their teaching skills and provide them with even more knowledge to pass on to the rest of our dance community. This goal requires us to raise money for travel and accommodation – approximately $1400. If we are able to achieve that goal, we have the opportunity to have help covering the added cost of tuition from our colleagues at the Frankie Manning Foundation.
  • Live Music Event with Special Guest Instructor: We have the opportunity to share our upcoming March dance event with a guest instructor on March 3rd, 2018. This will provide the added benefit of focusing on alternate Swing Dance teaching methods and continue to keep our community on their toes! As this will coincide with our monthly live dance event, the total cost to undertake the endeavor is approximately $1500. As always, we strive to raise as much money as possible to cover the upfront costs of the band, event space, etc. By fundraising in advance, we are also able to keep registration fees much lower.
  • Cultural Exchange and Further Education: Our Founder, Nick Davis, has been invited to be the DJ for the annual swing dance festival in Santiago, Chile. The event is May 18th-21st, 2018. Organizers of this event are able to provide accommodation and registration for additional facilities once on-site, however, they can not provide the air/travel. This is a great opportunity for our dance community to receive more international out reach from like-minded organizations. We need to raise approximately $600 to make this happen and send our Founder on his way. We’re sure to benefit from all he will learn from our Swing Dance friends in Chile!

501c3 Tax Exemption:

The Track Town Swing Foundation is currently a registered non-profit with the state of Oregon. We are actively pursuing a 501c3 Tax Exempt status and aim to achieve this status before October 1st, 2019. All donations made to us are tax deductible unless we are unable to achieve federal exemption within that two year time frame. The cost of achieving this goal is approximately $2500 due to filing and registration fees through the Federal Government. If you would like to assist and become a sponsor, please donate by clicking the button below!