We are a growing group of dancers dedicated to resurrecting Lindy Hop Swing in Eugene, Oregon.

In the summer of 2012 there were NO Lindy hop swing dances being held in town. We began having informal practices at local dance studio ZAPP Academy of Dance. It started with 2 people just dancing for a couple hours a week. Because it was such a small event, we started calling the practices “SWING CLUB!” (What’s the first rule of Swing Club?) Eventually 5 people came, then 7 then 12, and eventually… we started catching the attention of out of town visitors! That fall, our founding volunteers put on an official dance.

It attracted over 80 people from Eugene, Corvallis, and even Portland! We continue with monthly swing dances throughout the school year. We’re celebrating our third year, and continue  having lots of fun spreading the joy of Lindy Hop swing dancing in Eugene.